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15 February 2009

A trip of 10 days - Chengdu

Chengdu, is done! We spent 2 days in the Sichuan capital, we arrived at 5:30 am after 17 hours of train, we directly go to the Sim"s Cozy guest house and the name is a really good choice because it's a really magic place:


Owner of this youth hotel are globe trotter, ambiance is relax and warm, we can read everywhere many little notice about "how work" the place. They pay a special attention to the environment with the no wasting or for example the select of scrap that's a like and approve. Room are clean without be luxurious and have dvd player and TV. It's possible to take some DVD and books for free. The outdoor is made of shack and water, we can meet some rabbits and cat who are free in the hotel. One of the main build is made of wood is the bar/snack/terrace where we can have a rest, eat something or do a party, that's what we done with Sergey, Melanie, Marie and 2 Israelite that I don't remember the name. Of course the place is cover by Wifi which does not work perfectly during our passage. Employees of the hotel are very nice and cookers make very good dish. Anyway, a place that I strongly recommend and which is instrumental in my vision of Chengdu.


IMGP6166About the city, we have visited a rebuild pseudo-traditional street which contain a park(Wu Hou Ci/武侯祠), it's a charming place and it's pleasant to walk into this. Then we go to the commercial district of the city(ChungXi lu Street/春熙路), to resume it's look like the classical american street with many buildings. During the afternoon we visit the city,in reality we take 3 hours to go the a restaurant. Indeed, because of the Saint valentine's day many Chinese people move so all the weren't any taxi available and public transport were full. Bus were our only mean of transport but the lack of informations and indications did not help us. Moreover the restaurant that I have notice in the Lonely Planet book were very bad. This snack(LongChaoShou Canting/龙炒手餐厅) seem to be a canteen and serve food that I really didn't like, which is very uncommon for my part in China. Then we go to the People parc with an artificial lack where it's possible to do barque. Many Chinese people come to the Tea house where they can relax and play some game. You can meet there Mr Lee who propose us to visite a Sichuan opera on the next day:

IMGP6130 IMGP6112

IMGP6393 He bring you to the "backstage" of the opera where you can see the actor making up and the 4 performance. The experience was interesting, you can see a real opera for Chinese people and not a touristic place... Actors wear beautiful colored costume and you have tea for free. The atmosphere is very different from our occidental opera; Chinese people speaks about character and performance and many seem to know it by heart. You must go with a Chinese people because the performance is also theatrical and it's interesting to understand what is happening.
We also try the one of the Sichuan speciality, the hot pot (伙埚) and for sure it's very spicy. It's a metal dish where there is a kind of juice with many spicy and spice which you make boiling and you have just to put your ingredients into this; beef, chicken, fish, mushroom... Even if I use to eat spicy I can say that my mouth were burning, very great! I advice you to go to this restaurant, ChongQing QinMa HotPot (重庆亲妈伙埚) about 10 minutes by walking from the Sims's Cozy.


I write this post since the Chengdu airport to go to Kunming where we will spend the night and the day after and then go to Dali.


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