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17 February 2009

A trip of 10 days - Kunming

We are at last arrived to the final district, the Yunnan().

It's 11pm, we go out the airport and the temperature is pleasantly hot; we can open the windows when the taxi is running! The city seem to be modern like it's write in the Lonely Planet, road are new or in process of construction and enlighten with many decoration. We arrived on the Jinmabiji Place(金马碧鸡) where we can find many bars, clubs and restaurants. There are many youth people and the atmosphere is animated. In the Hump hotel, we decided to take a shower after have found towels and buy shower gel which are not available in the room, a little frustrating. There isn't also soap to just wash your hand... Because of the club, the room is very noisy, however, Cyril fall asleep and I decide to go to the main room to get Wifi. The place is pleasant, the big room is compose of a bar, billard, sofa and a computer space. The terrace is composed of a cover part and the other is outdoor, very enjoyable with the temperature.


On the morning we decide to wake up at 10am, a little of rest will not be bad because we had a average of 6 hours sleeping by night. The morning is consecrate to a breakfast on the sunny terrace, planification of Kunming visit and about the next travel to the other cities. At the begin of the afternoon we start with the visit of the Grand View park (Daguan Gongyuan/观公园) where we discover a Japanese garden with many bonsai. We go near a little lake where hundreds of seagull entertain the visitors who throw food and they succeed to catch this during they are flying, very amazing.


Then we take a boat to go the the east lac side, the cross is about 10 minutes and allow us to contemplate the landscape of Xi Shan which we want climbing. We take a cable car and a little bus to arrived to the Dragon Door. Many galleries which give a very beautiful view of Kunming. We do a part of the descent by walking in the wood and we go to meet Philippe in the downtown of Kunming.


Arrived to the Green Lack, we taste "Noodles crossing the bridge"(Guoqiao mixian/过桥线), which is a speciality of Kunming, the name come from the fact that an intelectual chinese people decide to to go a island to study, his wife cooked for him created dish and must cross a bridge in order to give these. One of the dish was appreciate and the name is for honor the woman. We go for a walk around the lake where there are many little shop, musician and dancer who are animating the place. We visite the University which is really clean and class which is uncommon for Chinese University. We finished the night by an Italian bar, named The Box and go back to the hotel.


We refused, with great to the despair of Cyril the invitation of a beautiful brunette who propose us to join  heir table, but like we have a plane early  at 10:30am on the next morning we have to got sleep to have a rest.

Enven if Kunming is not really interesting as a touristic place, I think it's good to live their because of the activity, the greenery, lakes and for the eternal spring. The city is at 2 000 meters of altitude, the temperature stay good and even is the summer. However there are many things to visit around the city like Stone forest(Shi Lin/石林), Xi Shan(西山), Dali and Lijiang.


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