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11 February 2009

A trip of 10 days - Xi'an

A 10 days trip,

That's why I began on Tuesday with Fabien, Stéphane,  their families and Cyril. The way: first Xi'an with everybody, then go with Cyril in the south of China; Chengdu, Kunming, Dali and finally last LIjiang.

I blog this note since one of the Bell Tower Starbucks which is a center of Xi'an and Presently all is ok.

Yesterday we visited the famous terracotta army and watch the greatest water-sound-light show of Asia. Today we went the impressive and sportif Huat  mountain, wich enven if the fog, was a nice exploration. Tonight, we will discover Xi'an downtown and specially the musulman street. We will take the train again tomorrow for 17 hours direction Chengdu. Start at 1:30am and arrived at 7:00am(or may be 5:00...) to go directly to the famous Sim's Cozy hotel Garden that I advise. Then we will visite Chengdu city, we have plane nothing yet but I think that the simple fact of walk will be a pleasure.


The day after we will take a plane direction Kunming for just one day and go then to Dali and the day after to Lijiang. I share with you some photos that I have took.



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