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20 May 2010

Chinese kitchen

For those who already came to China, they approximatively knows how the kitchen looks like. That's not so clean but some people said that the special flavor or the Chinese food come from this.

I'm friend with workers from a Chinese restaurant just near my flat where I lived. One day, I asked them if I can enter in the kitchen to watch how they cook because I'm fan of Chinese food and I'm also very interesting about cooking.

I'm every time amazed by the time between you order your dish and you get it on your table, it's about 3 or 4 minutes. Actually, they pre-cooked everything, so they just have to make it warm and mix it. 



By the way I advised you this restaurant, you will discover delicious and cheap Chinese food. If you go there, say that you know a french guy and you will get a discount. 

The restaurant is on Wan De Zhuang Street, I will ask my friends to give me the number and update the post later. My roommate and I called it the "blue restaurant" because the shop sign is blue or "the canteen" because we ate there almost everyday. I don't even know the real name, something in Chinese... :)


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